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The Final Year Exams are over at last. Congratulations on getting through them! You can finally relax, take a breather, and recharge for your next academic year. While you’re at it, this is the best time to improve your English. Here are some fun-filled ideas to get you started over your holidays!

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The world is reeling from the coronavirus outbreak and we find newspapers splashed with multiple articles on the pandemic.

It has been a challenging time for us Singaporeans and a devastating time for many others around the world. Our heartfelt sympathy goes to all the families in the world whose lives have been torn asunder by this unwelcome virus.

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I was the last speaker to deliver my speech in the room. Our school team sat just a meter or so away, so nervous I could physically feel anxiety radiating from them. Every painful hour of training we submitted ourselves to was for this moment. So far, it had gone well: we had trounced so many of the so-called elite debate teams, cementing our status as the underdog. No one expected a team of seemingly-quiet girls to have come this far, but here we were, in the finals, against a team that had won the championship for ten years in a row.

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Have you ever listened to a song and wondered what on earth the singers mean when they throw metaphors and similes into the mix?

Have you ever wondered how you could incorporate lyrics into your writing?

Today, we try to answer both of these questions by delving into three songs, unpacking what some lyrics mean before taking a quick look at how we can utilise these lyrics to make our writing sing.

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Are you a voracious reader? Good for you.

Are you a super-fast reader? If your answer is “Yes”, you may want to think about slowing down.


You are missing out on a vital part of the book reading experience — the beautiful world of language. Focusing on language can help you to improve your essay writing and performance in other sections of the English exam!

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How would you like to watch a 4-part video series explaining all the 10 questions in the 2017 O Level English Editing Paper?

Each video tackles 2-3 questions and explains every grammar point in detail. Click here to start watching these short videos and boost your score in the next editing test!

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