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Xin yi

Tanjong Katong Girls' School

Before I join the class, my English results were the last few in class. I got a C5, 59 marks. Since I joined the class, my English has improved by a significant 19 marks, which got me an A1 and I topped my class.

I enjoy the class as it is never boring and I always learn new things every week.


School of Science and Technology

My grades improved dramatically within a year (E8 – C5). Classes were also very interesting… It’s difficult to explain how interesting they were.

Ms Peh also helped me make certain decisions about my further studies, if I should go for DPA or Poly N93 Engineering Science course.

Thanks a lot… waiting for O results!

Update: In just 1 year, Aaron eventually got a B3 (from an initial E8) for O Level.

Jeremy Quek

St. Gabriel's Secondary School

Ms Peh’s lessons are always interactive and engaging and she makes lessons personalised to suit each student, so one need not worry about the disadvantages of being in a group.

The groups are also kept small so lessons are conducive. Ms Peh is also a very reasonable and encouraging teacher.

Ms Peh taught me when I was in Secondary Four. I was a part of a group of three other students. She helped me get an A2 for O Level English, and to this day she occasionally provides me with encouragement and advice, even as I am no longer being taught by her.

I am really thankful for a tutor like her. As long as you are willing to put in the effort, Ms Peh’s lessons will be beneficial to you.


Geylang Methodist School

I have learned how to understand comprehension questions as I know what words or phrases like ‘effect’, ‘intended purpose’ and ‘reference’ mean. I have learned a lot on how to improve my composition like not being so verbose and writing unnecessary things.

I enjoy group work in class and also activities that were planned by the teacher like drawing to help us visualize better. I also like how the teacher wants different students to present the news that they had searched to improve our oral presentation skills.

Huai Ze

St. Joseph's Institution

Ms Peh is a very helpful teacher who helped me a lot for the subject. Other than letting us do worksheets, she would print articles for us to read which I really like because they are very interesting.

She would also print notes for us for better understanding and these notes helped me a lot before my exams.


St. Margaret's Secondary

Before going for this English tuition, I was passing English but only at a borderline level. After attending classes, my clarity of the subject has considerably increased and my results jumped up a grade.

Although concentrating is a hard thing for me, I find it much easier to concentrate in Ms Peh’s classes as we are always kept occupied and time is very seldom wasted. This tuition has definitely improved my command of the English language in every aspect, be it writing, grammar or spelling!

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Feedback from Students & Parents 

Important Note:

These testimonials and student feedback are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of my students. 

However, they are individual results and results do vary. Please read more about how I expect my students to be consistent and on the importance of grit here (scroll to Importance of Grit section). 

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