Imagine this.

You plan to spend the evening revising for one of your upcoming tests...

You gather your books and sit at your desk. As you are about to open the textbook, you hear a thought that says,

“Hm… I wonder how many new likes there are on my latest Instagram post”.

Your hand starts reaching for your phone on auto-pilot, as if it has a life on its own…

40 minutes later, you are finally aware of what’s going on. You’ve successfully wasted precious time browsing, liking and commenting on your friends’ posts.

Not a very smart thing to do at all.

By then, you’ll probably feel guilty and anxious that you haven’t started on your planned revision. Worse still, you come to the conclusion that you’re a lazy and bad student.

IF THIS has happened to you before, welcome to the 21st Century.

With the number of distractions we have to fight each moment, how can mindfulness help you?

What is mindfulness, really?

Perhaps, more importantly to you...

How is mindfulness related to Paper 1, Section C of your O Level English exam?

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means being fully attentive to what is happening in the present.

Let us show you how it can change your story.

Back to the scene above...

You plan to do revision but got tempted to check your Instagram account.

Your hand starts reaching for your phone on auto-pilot, as if it has a life on its own…

But wait.

You remember you’re in the present moment. 

You remember that you planned to use the time wisely for study.

Are you aware that you are getting distracted.

You learn from numerous past experiences that checking Instagram can potentially cause you to waste a lot of time doing something you don’t want.

You make a conscious choice to not go down that road.

You put down your phone and tell yourself that you’ll reward yourself with a 10-minute break after you've finished 2 chapters.

You learn to self-regulate. You feel proud that you can accomplish what you set out to do.

Mindfulness Is Science

Mindfulness isn't a popular fad only developed in recent years. 

Leading neurobiologists have done extensive research into mindfulness or mindsight. Results show that students who practise mindfulness have the following benefits (just to name a few):

  • increased attention
  • increased planning & organisation skills
  • increased emotional regulation 
  • increased care for others 
  • decreased anxiety in general 
  • fewer conduct and management problems

Mindfulness in English Exam (Paper 1, Section C) 

Yes, you read that right. Mindfulness is important. It has the potential to change your life.

Amazingly, it is also very relevant to Paper 1, Section C of your English exam paper.


1. Describe a place which means a great deal to you. Why is it so important?
2017 English O Level Paper

2. What are your ambitions for the future? Explain how you plan to achieve them, including any possible difficulties.
2016 English O Level Paper

3. Describe the possession that matters most to you and explain why you would never be prepared to part with it.
2015 O Level Paper

Mindfulness in Our Classes

Do you see how you have to be very much aware of your emotions, the constant chatter in your mind? 

That's why in our classes, there's an emphasis on mindfulness because I believe it is powerful. Students take part in simple mindfulness practices as well as do guided reflections to tap into their own "mindsight".

We love the beauty of how the English exam isn't just a test of your language abilities but of your thinking and awareness abilities, too. 

It's about time you begin to see how your English paper isn't just a written test. It is a test of life. 

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The English Mastery Team

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Nicole Tan

CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' School

The teacher is very fun and is sensitive to the student’s needs. She also makes the class conducive for learning. Time passes really quickly when I am in her class.

I have learned how to summarise the compre passage, use pictures or words to search of clues in the visual text compre and various composition techniques, like the one which you do not reveal the character until the end.

Chelsea Wang

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary)

My teacher helped me a lot for the subject. Other than letting us do worksheets, she would print articles for us to read which I really like because they are very interesting.

She would also print notes for us for better understanding and these notes helped me a lot before my exams.

She is very clear minded teacher who knows what to do next and is always very well prepared during class. She will also give us options to choose, about what we want to do next. I think this helps us to gain more interest as we are doing what we like. ​

I really enjoyed this tuition class and also hope that this class can continue next year!

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