Referral Reward Program

Get $35 rebate on your child's tuition fees for every successful referral!

^Terms and Conditions apply

Step 1: Are you a Qualified Referral?

You may be eligible for a referral reward if you refer someone to use and only if you are:

  • An existing student
  • A past student (You have signed up officially for lessons previously.)
  • Parent/Guardian of an existing/past student

If you are one of the above individuals and refer a new student to us, you are a ‘Qualified Referrer’.

Step 2: Are you eligible for the $35 reward?

For a Qualified Referrer to be eligible for a referral reward:

  • It must be clear at the point of enquiry that the new student is referred by one of the above individuals. 
  • The new student must sign up officially with us (i.e. at least 6 lessons), after his or her trial lesson.
  • The official start date must occur within 1 month of the trial lesson.

Step 3: Get rewarded!

How the Referral Reward will be applied:

  • Parent of existing student: Your child/ward will receive $35 off in the next billing cycle.
  • Parent of Past student: You will receive a $35 referral reward.


  • Direct referral fee paid in cash is not available to existing students and their parents/guardians.
  • If the new student signs up officially with us through a Qualified Referrer (no trial lesson requested), he or she shall be eligible to sign up for 7 lessons at $470 ($450 for 6 lessons + $20 for 1 trial lesson).
  • For avoidance of doubt, a student whose sibling is signing up officially with us will be eligible for a referral reward of $35. The sibling (new student) will also get to enjoy a trial lesson at $20.
  • If you’re signing up another child (new student) and your child currently with English Mastery is graduating (no payments remaining), the referral rebate of $35 will be used to offset the fees for your other child (new student) in the next billing cycle.

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