What students say about our live Online English tuition lessons...

“I like that lessons with English Mastery are engaging with constant group discussions and interactive activities, such as show and tell sessions, which make such casual learning environment fun.”

Leon Ng, Chung Cheng High Main

"My teacher is engaging and is very positive. She also marks my work conscientiously, giving me useful feedback."

Nicole Lin, Beatty Secondary

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Premium Small-Group Class

Each class has between only 4-8 students. Students get maximum teacher's attention.

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"The breakout rooms and show and tell make lessons fun!"

Andrea Yeo, St Anthony's Cannosian Secondary

"The lessons are very creative and different from other tuition centers."

Cheong Ming Hern, Manjusri Secondary

[Free] Download Our Students' Model Essays

Get 5 model essays written by our students from different Secondary Schools in Singapore

  • Caen, St. Margaret's
  • Naomi, St. Anthony's Canossian
  • Brina, a private O Level student
  • Etc.


Personalised Videos

12 - 15 minutes

Your child receives a personalised video for every single piece of writing done. Each video explains grammar points, vocabulary opportunities and content directions.

Slow down, speed up or replay the video in class for self-paced learning, all under the watchful eye of the teacher.

Click here and here for free sample videos.

Thematic Vocabulary

Mind Maps, Quizzes & Worksheets

We take expanding our students' repertoire of vocabulary seriously. As our brains are wired to better retain associated information, we get our students to learn vocabulary thematically. 

Starting with worksheets, practices, mind maps and ending with a vocabulary test, our process ensures maximum learning and retention. Click here for a sample mind map.

Advanced Comprehension Skills

Targeted Reading Skills

Has your child ever felt frustrated with answering comprehension questions?

It takes an astute mind to write good comprehension papers. At English Mastery SG, we don't cut corners - we invest an enormous amount of time and resources to craft our own comprehension papers.

Critical readings skills are also taught to support readers who need help with understanding complex passages.

Teacher's Attention

Prompt Feedback & Student Report

We keep our class size small precisely because we want to keep close tabs on each one of our students. Feedback is given promptly because that's how learning is most effective.

To keep ourselves accountable (oh yes, we go to this extent), parents receive a report from us on their child's progress regularly

Fun Lessons

Engaging and Interactive Lessons

We have a simple philosophy: there is no learning when there is no engagement. 

Nobody wants to come for extra classes when they are going to be boring. We work hard to engage every one of our students so that attending tuition lessons is something to look forward to and is also a fruitful experience.

Exam-Skills Focused

Winning Strategies to Tackle the English Paper

Our extensive teaching experience and commitment to our own personal professional development is a testament to how we value our craft as teachers.  

When students come through our door, we take serious responsibility in imparting critical exam strategies that are needed (and highly relevant) for scoring in the English paper. 

What Parents & Students Say...

Ryan Tan

Tanjong Katong Secondary School, Sec 2

I got a B3 for my Mid-Year exam but I eventually got an A1 for my End-of-Year exam. It's my first A1 and I was the highest in class.

Also, I learned how to improve my handwriting. No one was critical about my work in the past, so I tended to stagnate. But at English Mastery, I finally improve my writing and handwriting.

Aaron Sng

School of Science & Technology, Sec 4

My grades improved dramatically within a year (E8 – C5). Classes were also very interesting… It’s difficult to explain how interesting they were.

The teacher also helped me make certain decisions about my further studies, if I should go for DPA or Poly N93 Engineering Science course.

Thanks a lot… waiting for O results!

Update: In just 1 year, Aaron eventually got a B3 (from an initial E8) for O Level.


Geylang Methodist School, Sec 3

I have learned how to understand comprehension questions as I know what words or phrases like ‘effect’, ‘intended purpose’ and ‘reference’ mean. I have learned a lot on how to improve my composition like not being so verbose and writing unnecessary things.

I enjoy group work in class and also activities that were planned by the teacher like drawing to help us visualize better. I also like how the teacher wants different students to present the news that they had searched to improve our oral presentation skills.

About Us

We are a team of close-knitted English teachers who take our craft seriously. Teaching methods, wacky classroom ideas and forthcoming sharing dominate our conversations.

Besides teaching, we spend our time writing our own in-house teaching materials, grading our students' work meticulously and communicating with parents.